Painting brings me joy. Ultimately I hope my excitement for each piece shows through to the viewer as it does for me.


Expressing my feelings is everything when it comes to creating my art. I paint from a bird’s eye view, whether it be on the floor or tabletop. I start each painting with nothing particular in mind, moving from side to side, applying layers of paint, making marks, working in the moment. Ideas spark with the addition of new layers and marks, bringing clarity to the emerging concept. 


Finding the right relationship of color, line and form, that is visually stimulating, is my goal. I find inspiration for my abstract work from everyday life, whether it be the surrounding landscapes, people I meet, music I’m listening to … anything and everything that I see and feel emerges in my work.



Born in Michigan, Barbara moved to Atlanta, GA when she was 21. There she spent most of her career as a self-taught graphic designer. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband, DJ Teeslink, and is now fulfilling her life-long goal to paint full time.



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